Ronald Mc Donald House for Children

Hamburg-Altona 2014

The world is not only made up of happy families with healthy children. And when one feels to be out of luck and the bright days seem dark, it is important to find supporters and helpers such as the Ronald McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Stiftung to somewhat reduce the suffering and step in during the children’s difficult days. For us, this is sufficient motivation and incentive to contribute a small stone to the building of the new Ronald McDonald Haus in Hamburg-Altona.


Assistance: Anna Wagner, Katja Leipold

AIThesen 10/2013

RMcD Wand2
RMcD Wand1
RMcD Persp1
RMcD Persp2
RMcD Persp3
RMcD Kubus1
RMcD Kubus2
RMcD Kubus3
RMcD Kubus4
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